My Story

How Corner Office Cupid Came to be

Coaching and advising in the relational field has been a steadfast passion of mine, greatly influenced by my personal story of dating, marriage, parenthood, divorce, and dating again in my mature years.

Many of us have experienced love loss, whether its been through a significant breakup, divorce, or loss of a spouse. In my case, my son's father and I consciously uncoupled when our marriage ended in divorce.

Fortunately, we found mutual respect, kindness, and compassion, rather than bitterness or anger. This attitude greatly benefited us, and most importantly, our son. And for that, I am forever grateful.

I've learned a lot as I reflect on my life journey and fully understand the complexities of relational transitions when seeking a healthy and secure intimate partnership. As a single professional woman, I observed just how many men and women successful in their careers, weren't having the same degree of success in their dating lives.

Given my entrepreneurial background and coaching and advisory experience, I felt called and qualified to do something about that!

Deciding to launch Corner Office Cupid, a dating advisory company and develop Brand You!, its personal branding system, has been one of my greatest life accomplishments. I'm off-the-charts passionate about helping men and women successfully navigate the dating process to find a best friend and lover for life.

When a content marketer presented Corner Office Cupid as a possible company name, he had no idea of how this would resonate.

With a former career in commercial real estate, I understood the meaning of ‘corner office’. In celebration of an office lease signing event, I spray painted – ‘The Big Cheese’ – on the concrete floor of a pizza chain executive director's corner office.

Looking back at my professional past, I knew this had to be the company name. It's pretty cool what life circles back.

Corner Office implies success. Cupid is love. Paired, they’re a perfect match: SUCCESS AT LOVE!

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