Your Powerful Playbook to Find Love.  

While developing The Date Smart Playbook for Men, I embraced a deep, relentless conviction to help men succeed in love. I diligently researched books, articles, and webinars written solely for men to better understand the pertinent issues and obstacles men face while dating today.

Here's what I found:

  • Research shows that men in happy, healthy, and secure relationships make more money, enjoy more intimacy, live longer, have better physical health, and less cognitive impairment later in life.
  • Even though divorce rates are going down, they still hover around 42-45%; 60% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. 70-80% of divorces are initiated by women. For ages 54-64, two-thirds are sought by women.* Men (and women) are unaware of these dismal statistics.
  • Given how gender roles have shifted over the decades, men are often left confused by women's mixed messages. They wonder: "Should I provide and protect or give behind-the-scene-support? Do I simply listen or try to be her hero? How do I know what she really wants from me?"
  • Men often don't seek help and tend to isolate when dealing with relational issues. They rarely re-access their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs after experiencing a divorce, loss of a spouse, or relationship breakup.
  • Society is moving toward a more balanced, gender-equal culture. When men apply masculine traits typical in the business world, namely–winning, power, control, non-emotion, toughness, self-reliance–to the dating and relational field, they can thwart establishing and sustaining true connection and intimacy.
  • In his book, The Mask of Masculinity, Lewis Howes speaks extensively about various male masks: Stoic, Athlete, Material, Aggressive, Joker, Invincible, Know-It-All, and Alpha. These masks passed down through generations can greatly inhibit men.
  • In today's evolving relational landscape, we need to rethink what culture and society communicate about masculinity and femininity, dropping the stereotypical attitudes that hinder developing healthy and secure relationships. Only when these outmoded mindsets are released can men and women truly see and love each other.

The men who succeed in love take a vested interest in self-discovery. They honestly audit their dating and relational life in search of where they may have gone wrong in the past. They grow and mature from their experiences and possess a strong desire to learn relational and attunement skills, a skill-set all women desire. They regularly assess four life areas (love, health, work, and play), checking for balance and proportionality, to ensure all areas are running smoothly.

Derived from behavioral psychology, neuroscience, therapy models, various coaching methodologies, personal branding, and my hard-won life experience, you won't find this comprehensive Dating Playbook elsewhere.

It changes the way men date.

Teaming up, we'll build your customized Dating Playbook that includes these Dating Essentials:

  • Self-awareness/relational and emotional intelligence
  • Understanding women
  • Outer appearance
  • Love, health, work, play balance
  • Personal love history
  • Neuroscience and love
  • Dating do's and don'ts
  • Ideal partner characteristics
  • Vetting prospective mates
  • Online dating
  • Relational conflict
  • Stylize home environment and decor
  • Making love last

The Date Smart Playbook for Men is the most thorough process you'll ever find to succeed in love. You'll date different, better, and wiser with less frustration, confusion, and disappointment.

Of course, I can't guarantee success, but as an advisor, mentor, coach, and advocate, I'm right by your side as you confidently date like never before. 

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