ReLaunching Love


This Playbook is for any Man Ready to Attract a Best Friend and Lover for Life.

Hello! I’m Cindy Valliere, the founder of Corner Office Cupid™, a niche company developed just for men, as they transition back into dating—after a divorce, breakup, or loss of a spouse—regardless of how long it’s been.

Most men return to dating too soon without any plan, process, or strategy; they wing it. The ‘revolving-door-of-dating’ continues, where their investment of time, effort, and money has brought minimal return. Dating becomes frustrating. Women are confusing. Disappointment is real. It’s not fun.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Date Smart Playbook for Men™ is all about strategic dating. I’ve developed a high level, high impact dating development plan and process with practical tools and real-life advice to better prepare men for successful dating.

The content is derived from coaching and relationship modalities, neuroscience, personal branding, behavioral psychology, spirituality, and hard-won personal life experiences.

The playbook segments the entire dating process into three comprehensive parts:


For over 20 years, as an executive coach and the founder of The Self Consultancy®, I’ve helped individuals with personal and professional development, improvement, and achievement. Personally, I’ve experienced divorce, dating as a single parent, and dating in my mature years. I’ve met many men, successful in their careers; yet, observed first-hand a lack of knowledge and skill in dating. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. But I did. I knew how to help them unlock their dating potential.

Seeing this, I felt a call of action to combine my professional expertise and personal experience to help men develop themselves—what they most needed and wanted to learn, change, or improve—to ultimately attract one special woman … their best friend and lover for life.

Corner Office Cupid and The Date Smart Playbook for Men were born out of that action.

‘Corner office’ implies success and ‘Cupid’ is love. As paired, they’re the perfect match: Success in Love.

Never before have men had such an in-depth strategic dating development plan and process.

I know what it takes to make a lasting impression on women. Great men, like great brands, know who they are, what they offer, and how to brand themselves for business success. The same principles apply to dating. If a woman believes a man is a catch, he is. If she thinks he’s a B or C-player, he is.

Perception IS her reality.  

It takes work, dedication, and commitment to change a ‘still single’ status to ‘I’ve met the one’, but it’s well-worth the effort. All of us are at our best when in a loving, exciting, and supportive intimate relationship.

I’m off-the-charts passionate about helping men to attract a fulfilling and lasting relationship. I offer a free confidential consultation and a scientifically-based assessment to help a man gain a greater understanding of himself in relationships, careers, and life.

Let’s get started! Click here to send me a message.

Here’s to success in love,

Founder / Relational Advisor / Certified Narrative Coach