ReLaunching Love


What Men Need to Know to Unlock Their Full Dating Potential!

Dear Gentlemen!

Say HELLO to a BRAND NEW YOU in 2020!

I’m Cindy Valliere, the founder of Corner Office Cupidand creator of its companion guide, The Date Smart Playbook for Men

As a single woman, I’ve dated men successful in their careers; yet, discerned that many men weren’t having the same level of success in their dating lives.

Let’s face it; dating is challenging and love is complex.

Men say that women are mysterious and confusing. Women say that men are clueless and don’t know how to date. I say, that may well be, but comments don’t change anything. Taking action does! 

I’ve built a playbook for men who desire to succeed at love and want help to get there.

Drawing from my personal relational experience and 20 years of professional expertise in advising and coaching on self-development, THE DATE SMART PLAYBOOK FOR MEN is a customized guide with actionable tools, skill, and advice based on what a man wants to learn, change, or improve to raise his chances of finding a best friend and lover for life.

Elevate your attractiveness by learning how to be the best man and partner you can be.

Think of it this way: She’s looking for you just like you’re looking for her. Make her happy that she found YOU!

I offer a free consultation and would love to learn more about you and how I can best help you meet your dating goals.

Why wait? Let’s get started! 

Here’s to your success in love,

Founder / Relational Advisor / Certified Narrative Coach