ReLaunching Love


Corner Office implies success. Cupid is love. Paired, they're Success in Love!

Hello! I’m Cindy Valliere, the founder of Corner Office Cupid™, a niche dating advisory company built JUST FOR MENAs a Date Smart Advisor, I help men find and keep real love. Whether redating after a divorce, breakup, or loss of a spouse, regardless of how long it’s been, I have the expertise and experience—all from a woman’s perspective—to show men how to date smarter than ever.

Many men feel stress and even intimidation as they date again. Too many experience the ’revolving-door-of-dating’ where their investment of time, effort, and money has brought minimal return. Dating becomes frustrating. Women are confusing. Disappointment is real. Dating becomes…’not much fun’.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Corner Office Cupid™ gets to the heart of why many men are still single and how to change that. We start with THE DATE SMART PLAYBOOK FOR MEN™a personal branding system that follows the path of dating, from making a memorable first impression to creating lasting love. It’s jam-packed with skill development, resources, and insider information on how to succeed in love. 

Over the past two decades, as an executive coach and founder of The Self Consultancy, I’ve helped men develop and achieve excellence. My insights also helped them better understand the complexities of their romantic relationships. Now, with Corner Office Cupid™, I’m applying the same relational skill set to help men date smart to attract their best friend and lover for life.

With my personal background of dating after divorce, dating as a single parent, and now redating, I understand how dating can be daunting. Many men lack the confidence and insight they need to successfully date, as this is not their most comfortable and knowledgeable playground.

This can be turned around.  

I know what it takes to put your best foot forward. Great men, like great brands, know who they are, what they offer, and how to brand themselves for business success. The same principles apply to dating. If a woman realizes you’re a catch, you are. If she thinks you’re a B or C-player, you are (until you change her mind). Perception IS her reality.  

It takes work, dedication, and commitment to change a ‘still single’ status to “I’ve met the one,” but it’s well-worth the effort. All of us are at our best when in a loving, exciting, and supportive intimate relationship.

I always offer a confidential complimentary consultation to learn more. I’m off-the-charts passionate about helping men find and keep real love. Let’s talk! Click here to send me a message.

Here’s to your success in love,

Founder / Relational Advisor / Certified Narrative Coach